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Sample Checklist


Inspection Checklist

Interior Inspections Includes but not limited to:

· Turn on main water supply to the property

· Check for intruders or signs of vandalism

· Check HVAC for proper operation. Thermostat settings as instructed

· Check circuit breaker panels

· Check smoke detectors and CO sensors

· Plumbing check. Cycle water in sinks, showers, and flush toilets

· Check for signs of pest and insect infestation 

· Check water heater for leaks and set to vacation settings when appropriate

· Check water softener 

· Run garbage disposal, washer/dryer and dishwasher

· Checking all walls and ceilings for signs of water damage

· Checking all closets for signs of water damage or smells

· Check all windows for signs of forced entry and insure they are locked properly

· Check all doors for signs of forced entry and insure they are locked properly

· Check to ensure the refrigerator/freezer are running and have no spoiled food or icing

· Check wine cellar/chiller for correct temperature

· Check garage doors for proper seal and operation

· Visual inspection of vehicles for fluid leaks, flat tires, battery is charging, mold in interior

· Make sure all doors are locked, lights are out, and water supply is turned off. Reset alarm.

Exterior inspections include but are not limited to:

· Check lighting, replacing bulbs when needed

· Walk entire property for overall conditions

· Inspect for leaks or drainage issues

· Check irrigation controller to confirm proper watering 

· Visual inspection of the landscaping 

· Visual inspection of all trees and shrubs

· Visual inspection of the perimeter of the home including structure siding conditions

· Visual inspection of the roof from ground level

· Visual inspection of window and screening for damage and forced entry

· Visual inspection of pool and deck

· Visual inspection of pool equipment

· Visual inspection of slider doors for proper seal and signs of forced entry